awardbathroom99OCHBA 1999 - Best bathroom under 75 square feet

The sum of the parts create a whole - that .is what this small 40 sq.ft. bathroom is all about! The aim of this renovation was to create a serene, spacious, functional bathroom. The clients wanted the cabinetry to be contemporary yet soothing. A counter area, use to dry their small children, which would double as a make-up area was requested.

Because the bath tub was re-oriented along the window wall, glass block was specified - a functional choice that compliments the contemporary design.

To achieve a sense of serenity, we decided that using earth tones would be the best choice. These are found in the tile design, maple wood veneer, towels and shower curtain.

The hammered metal accessories, in their unique design, again complimented the overall design - contemporary yet relaxed. Alternating between solid knobs and hollow knobs, a small detail, visually stands out and creates and interesting touch.




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